We have a unique podiatry service in La Herradura. The foot is a very important postural sensor that connects with the rest of the body through the central nervous system to give it information about our position in relation to the ground and the environment. For this reason, foot health and correct biomechanics are essential to prevent future injuries in other parts of the body. On many occasions, multidisciplinary work between a physiotherapist and a podiatrist is essential to globally address the patient’s ailment or pathology.

Chiropody: podiatric treatment for the general health of the foot, which consists of removing calluses and changes in the toenails, with the aim of avoiding pain and preventing future more serious injuries. The types of interventions that are usually practiced are: calluses, ingrown toenails, therapeutic nail cutting and milling, hyperkeratosis delamination, heel milling, helomas, hydration with cream.

It is carried out using a pressure platform to determine the load distribution of one foot with respect to the other, to analyze the footprint and biomechanics of the foot. Imbalances in any of these aspects can generate foot ailments and compensation in other parts of the body such as knee, hip, lower back, which in the future can cause symptoms if not corrected.

The energy promotes the regeneration and reparative processes of tendons, muscles and other soft tissues.

 Relying on the static and dynamic study of the footprint, if there is any imbalance, personalized insoles are necessary that adapt to the needs of the patient’s foot. Its correct daily use will help to correct alterations in the footprint, alleviate pain and walk in a more effective and efficient way.