At physioclinicaLH we always bet on multidisciplinary work, therefore another fundamental pillar to take care of your health is food. Nutrition is not just for losing weight, it can help you in the recovery process from an injury, avoiding pro-inflammatory foods or to improve the symptoms of chronic digestive and rheumatic pathologies. If you are an elite or amateur athlete and want to improve your sports performance, it is also important that you take care of your diet. In addition, we can help you during pregnancy and lactation to establish a healthy biochemical environment for your baby and contribute to its proper development.

How important is a good diet?

It is very important to have a healthy and regulated microbiota because, as you may have heard, the intestine is the second brain. This is true, since it has many nerve networks that collect information to take it to the central nervous system. If your microbiota is not regulated and this is maintained over time, you can favor the development of many types of pathologies.

For all this nutrition is so important, so now you know, get in touch with a professional who will teach you how to eat, because “we are what we eat”.

The energy promotes the regeneration and reparative processes of tendons, muscles and other soft tissues.

We offer the following services

  • Weight loss and control of body mass
  • Sports Performance
  • Chronic digestive and rheumatoid pathologies
  • Breastfeeding and pregnancy
  • Pediatrics