Painful shoulder

Shoulder pain is the third musculoskeletal pathology received in consultation after low back pain and knee pain. Between 60-70% of adults experience shoulder pain at some point in their lives.

Painful shoulder is of multifactorial origin, although it is associated with sports and work activities in which repetitive gestures are performed, where anatomical structures are subjected to mechanical stress and therefore wear them out.

That is why at FisioclinicaLH we have specialized and have in-depth knowledge in the assessment and treatment of shoulder injuries. The evaluation with ultrasound is essential to know which tissue is affected and to be able to prescribe a treatment according to the lesion.

What shoulder injuries do we treat?

• Bursitis
• Adhesive capsulitis or frozen shoulder
• Rotator cuff tear
• Rotator cuff tendinopathy
• Calcifying tendinopathy
• Acromioclavicular dislocation
• Osteoarthritis
• Labral breaks (SLAP)
• Unstable shoulder
• Glenohumeral dislocation
• Rotator cuff surgery rehabilitation
• Shoulder surgery rehabilitation
• Fracture rehabilitation

What treatments do we perform?

For shoulder injuries it is essential to carry out a comprehensive treatment, that is, with physiotherapy through manual therapy, electrolysis, shock waves and neuromodulation; In some cases, ultrasound-guided infiltrations carried out by a specialist in sports and regenerative medicine that will help speed up the recovery process and speed up recovery times; And last but not least, the exercise to readapt the injured structure to the demands required in sports activities and in daily life.